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These home remedies are effective in removing blackness of eyes, know

Darkness of the eyes or dark circles is the most common of the skin related problems. Due to today’s unhealthy lifestyle, diet and stress, people are struggling with the problem of dark eyes. Due to dark circles, the brightness of the face is lost, due to which the face starts looking colorless. Not only this, sometimes you also start looking sick. However, if they are not treated on time, they become stubborn day by day.

There can be many reasons for dark under eyes. These include problems like stress and disordered lifestyle, changes in hormones, hereditary, sleep deprivation, anemia, dehydration and aging. although, This problem of dark circles It can be got rid of through some home remedies.

potato: Potato has bleaching properties. It can prove beneficial in removing dark eyes. For this, mix a few drops of lemon in potato juice. Then with the help of cotton, apply this mixture on the eyes. By using this remedy regularly, the dark circles start fading away gradually.

cold tea-bags: Soak the tea bag in water for some time. After this let them cool for some time in the fringe. After the tea-bags cool down, take them out and lay them on your eyes for some time. This gives coolness to the eyes, as well as dark circles also end soon.

tomatoes: Vitamin-C present in tomatoes is effective in removing dark eyes. For this, mix a little lemon juice in two spoons of tomato juice. Then apply it on your eyes with the help of cotton. After drying for 10 minutes, wash the eyes with lukewarm water.

cold milk: Cool the raw milk and apply it under your eyes with the help of cotton. By using raw milk regularly, dark circles will end soon.

Orange Peels: Make a powder of orange peel by drying it in the sun. Add a little rose water to this powder. Apply this paste on your eyes. This can remove the problem of dark circles.

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