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These home remedies can get rid of the darkness of neck and underarms

Most of the women prefer to wear sleeveless clothes during the summer season. But due to the blackness of her underarms and neck, she remains grieved. There can be many reasons for dark neck and underarms. Actually, along with summer, hormonal imbalance, fungal infections, strong sunlight and sunburn can be the reason for dark neck. Apart from this, underarms also turn black due to using the wrong hair removal cream. There are many hair removal creams available in the market to get rid of these problems, but these skin problems can also be got rid of through home remedies.

Turmeric: Turmeric Rich in Anti-Bacterial Properties darkening of the underarms, neck and thighs helps to remove. For this, make a paste by mixing turmeric with milk. After this, apply the paste on the affected area, after drying, remove the turmeric by rubbing it with light hands. This can remove blackness.

Sandalwood Powder: Sandalwood powder helps in cooling the skin. For this, make a paste by mixing rose water in sandalwood powder. Massage this paste by applying it on the underarms and neck. Clean the skin after half an hour. The blackness of the neck and underarms can be removed by using this remedy regularly.

Aloe vera: Aloe vera contains an element called allosin, which is a tyrosine inhibitor. This enzyme helps to remove the darkening of the armpits. For this, use aloe vera gel on your underarms and neck Apply it and leave it for some time. Wash off the skin after it dries for 10-15 minutes.

Almond: For this, make a paste by grinding 5-8 almonds, adding a spoonful of milk and honey to it. Then apply this paste on your neck and underarms. You will soon see the benefit of this remedy regularly.

Lemon: Lemon has bleaching properties. Rubbing lemon on the underarms and neck every morning before bathing can remove blackness.

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