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These may be the reasons for hair loss in pregnancy, know the preventive measures

There are many types of changes in the body of women during pregnancy. Hair loss starts due to changes in hormones. During pregnancy, the amount of estrogen in the body of women increases, due to which the hair of some women becomes shiny, thick and strong, then some women start losing their hair. Apart from this, hair loss also starts due to stress.

The condition of hair loss during pregnancy is called telogen effluvium. Women have this problem mostly in the first trimester. However, in some cases there is a problem of hair loss even after delivery. Apart from this, abortion and excessive use of birth control pills can also cause hair loss. Because, due to excessive use of these medicines, the flow of estrogen in the body starts to decrease, due to which the hair falls.

Follow these tips to get rid of hair loss problem:

Eat a balanced diet: Balanced diet should be taken to get rid of hair loss during pregnancy. You can include such things in your diet, which contain a good amount of protein, calcium and iron. Such food nourishes your hair. Also, the problem of hair loss can also be reduced.

Bun and Ponytail: Due to joint or ponytail, hair is pulled, due to which hair loss can also occur. In such a situation, you can make a little part of your hair and ponytail. Also, instead of a thin comb, you should use a wide-toothed comb.

Do not change shampoos frequently: Some women do not use the same type of shampoo, but change shampoos frequently. Due to which their hair starts falling out. Therefore good care should be taken of the hair during pregnancy.

Do not use straightening during pregnancy: Permanent straightening should be avoided during pregnancy. Because, it can prove dangerous for you and your baby. In such a situation, you should not get permanent straightening at all.

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