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These mistakes can make your skin dry, know preventive measures

In today’s time, the increasing pollution and various types of chemical beauty products have the greatest effect on your skin. Dry skin also has a profound effect on your health. This not only makes your skin flakey, but also wrinkles on the skin, which are signs of aging. However, you can get rid of dry and dry skin by changing your daily routine.

However, some skincare mistakes can make your skin dry. So let’s know about such mistakes that you should avoid making.

Use of moisturized moisturize: Moisturizing dry and dry skin keeps moisture in them. In this case, you can use a mild moisturizer. Also always choose a moisturizer that can keep the skin hydrated for a long time.

-Do not use a hard cleanser: The skin becomes clearer by using a cleanser. In such a situation, make sure that you do not use a harsh cleanser. Using harsh cleansers can cause problems such as dryness, irritation, and swelling. It can also take away skin moisture.

-Taking a hot shower till late: People who bathe for longer than hot water have dry skin. This makes the skin red and itchy. In such a situation, instead of hot water, you can use lukewarm water.

-Makeup not take off: Most women do not remove their makeup after coming from the party. Skin pores are closed due to excessive use of makeup. Due to which the skin cannot breathe. In such a situation, you should immediately remove makeup from the party.

-Exfoliate: Exfoliate means scrubbing the skin to remove dead cells on the face. In such a situation, you should exfoliate every 3 to 4 days. This does not dry your skin.

-San Screen: The skin starts to deteriorate due to the harmful rays of the sun. In such a situation, even if you are at home, you can use sun screen to make your dry skin soft and moist.

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