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These reasons may cause itching in the head, know easy ways to get rid of

There can be many reasons for itching in the head. But this problem increases in the summer season. Because, in summer, due to strong sunlight and perspiration, itching begins in the head. Apart from this, dandruff, fungal infection, stress, anxiety or lice can also be the cause of itching in the head. The disease of itching in the head is called seborrheic dermatitis. This disease is caused by excess dandruff.

Apart from this, many times the crust starts forming on the skin of the scalp, which can cause itching problems. However, you can get rid of this itching problem through home remedies.

Lemon: Lemon has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is effective in alleviating the itching of the head. But if you have any infection on your head, do not use lemon directly. Because citric acid present in lemon can cause head irritation. In this case, instead of applying lemon directly, squeeze its juice in oil and then apply it on your scalp.

Apple vinegar: Apple vinegar is very effective in relieving itching of the head. As such, apple vinegar is beneficial for overall health. But the anti-bacterial properties present in it are effective in relieving itching. For this, mix apple vinegar in water. Then massage your head with this mixture.

coconut oil: Coconut oil is nothing less than a panacea for hair. Because, it is also effective in softening the hair as well as getting rid of all the problems related to the scalp. It also helps in relieving itching of the head. For this, lukewarm some coconut oil. Then massage your head with light hands. By doing this, dandruff is eliminated, as well as you can get relief from itching.

onion: Onion is also used to erase itching of the head. For this, grind the onion and extract its juice. Then apply it all over your head with the help of cotton. Leave it for some time. Later wash your head. Doing this will relieve the itching of your head.

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