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These things are effective in making hair long and strong, from ginger to lemon, use in this way

Today’s stressful life and bad lifestyle affect the hair and skin the most. At an early age, people’s hair starts to turn white and fall. Women use a variety of hair care products to get rid of hair problems. However, sometimes these chemical products make your hair very frizzy.

In such a situation, these things found in the kitchen can prove beneficial for you. Ginger to onion, lemon and aloe vera are effective in strengthening hair as well as reducing dandruff. You can use all these things as a hair mask.

-ginger: Ginger has many anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is also effective in relieving problems like a cold and cough, including a sore throat. Ginger helps in preventing hair fall and also in increasing their growth.

Use as follows: For this, mix mehndi and honey in ginger. Then apply this paste in your hair. After drying, wash hair with ordinary water. It helps in removing pimples, itching, sebum and boils including dandruff.

-onion: Onion juice makes hair healthy. It contains an abundant amount of sulfur, which protects the hair from damage. It is also effective in making hair silky and smooth. Onion juice not only increases hair length but also helps in growing new hair.

Use as follows: For this, mix 3 tablespoons coconut oil and olive oil in 2 teaspoon onion juice. Make the mixture lukewarm on low heat. Then apply this mixture lukewarm on your scalp. You can adopt this method once a week.

-Lemon: Lemon has the properties of relieving many hair problems. It stops hair loss, also removes their stickiness. For this, mix two to three teaspoons of aloe vera gel in two spoons of lemon juice. Then massage your hair with this mixture. You can adopt this method once a week.

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