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These traders of Indian origin, who are neighbors of the British Queen, take their food to the royal banquet

Everyone knows about Mukesh Ambani and his family, but do you know that Britain’s second richest family is of Indian origin. Yes, that is the family of Srichand Parmanand Hinduja (SP Hinduja) and his three other brothers. The family is also a neighbor of British Queen Elizabeth. The Hinduja family is the UK’s second wealthiest family after tech entrepreneur James Dyson. SP Hinduja has three younger brothers.

However, the family is not far behind James Dyson with assets of $ 13.6 billion (about 99 thousand crore rupees). In such a situation, you will obviously want to know everything about Srichand Parmanand Hinduja, the oldest person in the Hinduja family and his brothers. Popularly known as SP Hinduja, Srichand Parmanand is the chairman of The Hinduja Group. According to Forbes, he and his family own the 13-16 Carlton House Terrace, located in a very posh area of ​​Westminster. Its price in 2013 was around 500 million dollars (about 3.65 thousand crores).

This mansion is spread over 50 thousand square feet. This mansion is 6 storeyed and is built in four parts from inside. The four parts are interlinked. The mansion was once the property of King George IV, when he was Prince Regent. It is therefore no surprise that it is next to Buckingham Palace (the official residence of the British Queen).

The Hinduja family also appears in the programs of the Queen of Britain. The Queen does not forget to include the Hinduja family in her royal feast. However, SP Hinduja is completely vegetarian. They have never even touched meat and liquor. This is the reason why he also takes his vegetarian food to the royal banquet. Their vegetarian food is prepared according to their strict instructions.

SP Hinduja has three younger brothers Gopichand, Prakash and Ashok. He also has a lot of interference in the group. Whenever it comes to the ownership of large assets of multinational conglomerates, the saying ‘everything belongs to everyone and nothing belongs to anyone’ is a saying.

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