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These yogasanas are beneficial for diabetes patients, know

In today’s time, thousands of people in the country are suffering from the disease of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease. When the pancreas reduces or stops the production of insulin in the body, it increases the risk of diabetes. According to statistics, about 7.8 percent of the people in the country are suffering from diabetes.

in diabetes mellitus controlling blood sugar level It is extremely necessary. Because due to increased blood sugar level, life-threatening conditions like heart attack, brain stroke, multiple organ failure and kidney failure can also arise. Patients with diabetes are also at risk of contracting other diseases. According to health experts, along with medicines, there are some yogasanas which can prove to be beneficial for diabetic patients. It also helps in controlling the blood sugar level.

Kapalbhati: With regular practice of Kapalbhati, blood circulates better in the body. This asana also activates the abdominal muscles. Practicing this yogasana regularly keeps the mind and mind calm, as well as it transmits energy throughout the body. For this, sit in the comfortable position of Padmasana and focus on your breath and close your eyes. Also keep your palms on the knees. Then release it forcefully while breathing normally. Practice this yoga daily for 3 minutes.

Dhanurasana: The pancreas of diabetic patients is very weak, due to which the production of insulin decreases. Dhunarasana helps in activating the pancreas. In addition, it strengthens the abdominal organs. Let us tell you, this asana is done lying on the stomach. With regular practice of Dhanurasana The blood sugar level remains under control.

Yoga Mudrasana: Yoga mudrasana is very beneficial for diabetics. Because this asana helps in boosting immunity. Yogamudrasana can also be beneficial for those who are suffering from sinus and migraine problems.

Halasana: Regular practice of Halasana can help in reducing fat. It is also beneficial in improving thyroid, kidney and pancreas. High blood pressure can also be controlled by daily practice of Halasana.

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