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These yogasanas can prove to be effective in reducing belly fat, know

Obesity has become a common problem in today’s time. Due to uncontrolled diet and comfortable lifestyle, people are becoming victims of obesity. Increasing weight and obesity also increases the risk of heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and high uric acid. According to health experts, reducing belly fat is the most difficult task.

People adopt various measures to reduce their belly fat. Some people do not hesitate to take the help of medicines to reduce belly fat. However, medicines have a negative effect on health. so you to reduce belly fat You can take the help of yoga.

plank posture: This asana is very effective for reducing belly fat. For this, lie down on your stomach. Now lift the body up using your hands. Your body should be in a straight line. During this all your weight should be on the wrists and feet. During this you will be in a plank position. Stay in this position for some time. Practicing this asana regularly helps a lot in reducing belly fat.

trikonasanaFor this stand straight and keep a little gap between your feet. During this your hands should be parallel to the ground. Then bend to your left and try to touch your left foot with the left hand and take the right hand towards the sky. Keep your eyes on the sky during this time. Stay in this position for 10-20 seconds. This asana is effective in removing many types of health related problems.

Bhujangasana: For this asana, lie down on your stomach and place your palms under your shoulders. Then take your breath by putting your fingers on the ground. Then hold the breath and lift your head upwards at a 30 degree angle from the shoulders. During this, keep in mind that your navel meets the ground and your head should be towards the sky. Stay in this posture for 10 seconds and then slowly bring the body down and exhale.

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