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‘Things to learn to become a civilized driver’

The law does not stipulate that the left lane is used for passing, the right lane for normal movement on the expressway, but we should.

Lately, seeing many people arguing about using the left lane to pass, the right lane to move normally on the highway, I am free to ramble with a few words.

The law does not stipulate that, nor does the law stipulate that karaoke is noisy and the law does not prohibit two cars from running at 60 km / h parallel (slightly different) on the highway.

But what is more civilized should follow, learn to progress, not open a little saying: “Where is the law?”. For a simple example, when you go to the supermarket, you have to queue … it is culture, showing civilization …, not in the middle of arguing about what laws to queue, if you like to squeeze it. That kind of thing, you can still be billed, go first, even boast smart.

Or is it like taking a bus in the airport, with a total of 8 seats, dozens of seats. Obviously these chairs are for the elderly, children, pregnant women … It is impossible to argue that everyone is an equal human being, let a man with wide shoulders sit down. No law forbids, but that is culture, civilization, is the unwritten law of man after millions of years of evolution.

Similar to some civilized actions that we should learn:

Highway drivers always use the right lane if it is empty. Pass left then turn right. You should learn at Google to know why.

Teach children to wear seat belts while driving, do not learn to ask to stick their heads out the sunroof to show off their cars.

Taking the escalator in the supermarket should only go one lane to the right, left for those who need it urgently they will run up.

Do not squeeze in front of the elevator door, so line up in order and let the people inside go out first and then go in.

I would like to contribute a few ideas to make the behavior more right, anyone who finds the bad things can be ignored … because I would like to ask any law.

Readers Le Thuong Tien


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