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This afternoon, the seminar “What should I pay attention to when buying a new car”?

When buying a new car, users need to understand the sales contract, the points to check when receiving the car, find out the price incentives.

These issues will be clarified in Car Talks number 9, at 15:00 today on VnExpress.

Buying a new car requires users to consider a lot of factors before coming to a car buying decision such as choosing where to buy, how to buy, the price of the car, in the buying and selling process. How and what will the buyer need to keep in mind.

Guests in the discussion.

Experts discuss and give points to note when users go to buy a new car. The seminar will have the participation of Mr. Tran Tuan Anh, Head of Training Department of Mitsubishi Vietnam, Mr. Do Trong Tu, Sales Manager of Honda Tay Ho.

Car Talks is a series of talk shows about cars, one issue each week, starting from 6/10 on VnExpress. This is an activity included in the Car Awards 2021 event VnExpress organization, where the typical car models of the whole market as well as each segment are selected. Readers can vote and predict car models from November.

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