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This alien world may be the place where our ancestors were born

Thursday, November 19, 2020 15:55 PM (GMT + 7)

There is increasing evidence that life on Earth originated … aliens, and that that place could be the world flooded with deadly cosmic radiation: interstellar space.

New research by Queen Mary University London (UK) shows that at least 1 precursor molecule, the amino acid glycerin, which exists in parallel with organisms living on Earth, can be formed in the etched environment. harsh in interstellar space.

The theory that all Earth creatures have daily alien ancestors is strengthened – Photo: NASA

Earth life has been shown by many previous studies to be formed from alien “life building blocks”, brought to our planet by comets and asteroids when it was a young child. However, what makes the building blocks of that life and where it is created is still a mystery.

Interesting experiments have brought the British scientists to answer. They started with methylamine, the precursor to the amino acid glycerin.

When they deposited this gaseous substance into the SURFESIDE super-vacuum system, then cooled at -260 degrees C to simulate interstellar space, they obtained ice methylamine. This ice undergoes special “dark chemistry” reactions: the bath of ultraviolet rays, cosmic rays, X-rays … in the devastating interstellar world, then turns into glycerin!

From the “hell” world where advanced creatures like the one on Earth could die instantly, comets and asteroids carried glycerin everywhere. If a suitable soil is found, like the early Earth, these “life building blocks” will combine with many native elements to continue the life-forming reaction chain.

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