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This drink made of cumin and carom seeds can be effective in reducing weight, know other benefits

Weight Loss Drink: At present, losing weight in the midst of paucity of time is not less than a challenge. Most of the people are overweight due to unhealthy lifestyle and wrong eating habits. People who are overweight are more prone to dangerous diseases like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, increased uric acid and diabetes. Most people either resort to exercise or diet to lose weight. However, losing weight can be easy with some home remedies.

Weight will be less than cumin seeds: Along with making the food tasty, these home spices also prove to be helpful in keeping people away from diseases. Some such elements are found in both cumin and ajwain which are helpful in weight loss.

cumin: Cumin contains anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic elements which can be helpful in reducing inflammation from the body. Along with this, the elements found in it also control the cholesterol level, which reduces the risk of obesity. Apart from this, cumin helps in removing toxic substances from the body, this helps in weight loss.

Apart from this, cumin also helps in boosting metabolism. It helps in reducing obesity and belly fat. Let us tell you that people who have a better metabolic rate, they do not have to work hard to lose weight.

celery: Ajwain is a low calorie food, the use of which will help in reducing weight. The elements found in it makes the metabolic rate strong. Also, it is an excellent source of fiber, due to which the stomach remains full for a long time. Apart from iron, calcium, fiber, phosphorus, many other nutrients are present in celery which is beneficial for overall health.

How to make this drink: To make this drink, you will need a spoonful of cumin, the same amount of fennel, a spoonful of soda and a spoonful of carom seeds. First, boil 2 glasses of water in a vessel. Now drop cumin, soda, fennel and carom seeds in it. When it boils well, add honey to it. When it remains half in the vessel, filter this drink and drink it when it is lukewarm. Experts believe that consuming it daily will reduce your weight.

Here are the other advantages: Drinking this drink improves digestion, there is no shortage of nutrients in the body. This drink is helpful in removing stomach related problems. Apart from this, this drink can also be consumed to control blood pressure and sugar level.

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