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This is how you can reduce belly fat, Malaika Arora gave tips

47-year-old actress Malaika Arora inspires crores of youth with her fitness. Malaika is often seen sharing her fitness videos with fans. The popularity of the actress can be gauged from the fact that she has more than 12.9 million followers on Instagram. Malaika Arora often gives beauty and workout tips to her fans. Recently, he has told people some tips to reduce belly fat. Belly fat can be reduced by these simple methods.

Let me tell you, Malaika Arora often gives tips to people to stay fit through her live sessions. She resorts to yoga to reduce belly fat. In this video Malaika Arora to reduce belly fat For this, people are being advised to do foot-downward shavasana. In the video, she can be seen bringing her left leg closer to the chest as per the instructions of the fitness trainer. During this, his body is in the plank position. This asana is repeated five times.

In this video shared by Malaika Arora, she is seen lying on the ground and balancing her body on the palms and one leg. While staying in this posture, she is raising her other leg in the air while lowering her head. Then she balances her body and hip in the air. Although this exercise is very difficult but Malaika Arora is doing it very comfortably.

Malaika Arora’s Diet: actress Malaika Arora Along with exercise, she also takes full care of her diet. According to fitness experts, to reduce belly fat, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and berries must be included in your diet.

To remove excess belly fat, one should completely stay away from junk food, sugar, white rice and alcohol. Also, intermittent fasting can prove to be effective in reducing belly fat. That is, by not eating things together, eating after a short time helps in weight loss.

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