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This MP tried to give nurses more power and had to face corporatism

What if tomorrow some of the nurses were to become “intermediate medical professions”? From the Ségur de la santé and carried by the rheumatologist and LREM deputy of Loiret, Stéphanie Rist, the idea was postponed to the Greek calendar. In this case, to a government “report” to be submitted to Parliament within one year to take stock of existing measures, such as “exercise in advanced practice”. It must be said that the idea had aroused an outcry from the Order of Physicians …

Rapporteur of the text, Stéphanie Rist remains convinced that it is necessary to rethink the distribution of tasks between the various health professionals, to take into account technological developments… and to cope with the aging of the population and medical deserts. Interview.

Stéphanie Rist at the National Assembly, February 21, 2918.

Why do you want to create an “intermediate medical profession”?

It is about bridging the gap between nurses with bac + 3 and doctors with bac + 10, and allowing nurses to have an evolving profession. The objective, at the national level, is to save “doctor’s” time, by entrusting part of their missions [patient’smedicalfollow-up[suivimédicaldepatie

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