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This rant from Bellamy shows that the presidential election has indeed started at LR

And suddenly, François-Xavier Bellamy got angry. Les Républicains (LR) MEP did not need to raise his voice. He never does. But this time, in the large golden living room of the National Assembly, where the LR parliamentarians of the Palais-Bourbon, the Senate and Strasbourg met Thursday, October 8, the philosopher wanted once and for all to say things out loud , in a party where conflicts are discussed in a low voice.

Bellamy took to the stage with a light step. He warmly quoted Jérôme Fourquet, the political scientist specializing in French fractures. And then, after a few minutes of speech, he started.

Are we up to the task? I am rather distressed to see that our political family has been engaged, for the past few weeks, in a kind of trench warfare, which looks more like a war of the buttons than a real substantive debate, through little confidential information.

The room shudders. He adds: Bellamy and his 10%. It doesn’t make me smile at all. “ It makes :

“We have no chance of making (the right) triumph if we shoot each other in the back. ”

And to press:

“How does it make us feel better today to caricature those who had the courage to go to the front line and take for everyone else?” ”

Bellamy, unhappy head of his party’s European list [la liste qu’il menait avait obtenu 8,4 % NDLR], goes downstage to applause. In the front row, Senator Bruno Retailleau, c

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