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This software can cause you to lose all your cryptocurrency

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 16:30 PM (GMT+7)

Recently, security company Red Canary has warned users about the risk of having their crypto wallet stolen when using the Windows activation software KMSPico.

The use of “piracy” Windows activation software often carries many risks, causing users to lose data or be tracked…

The “pirated” Windows activation software.

Recently, security researchers discovered a cryptbot built into the KMSPico software, capable of collecting information from the following crypto wallet applications:

– Atomic cryptocurrency wallet

– Avast Secure web browser

– Brave browser

– Ledger Live cryptocurrency wallet

– Opera Web Browser

– Waves Client and Exchange cryptocurrency applications

– Coinomi cryptocurrency wallet

– Google Chrome web browser

– Jaxx Liberty cryptocurrency wallet

– Electron Cash cryptocurrency wallet

– Electrum cryptocurrency wallet

– Exodus cryptocurrency wallet

– Monero cryptocurrency wallet

– MultiBitHD cryptocurrency wallet

– Mozilla Firefox web browser

– CCleaner web browser

– Vivaldi web browser

This software can make you lose all your cryptocurrency - 2

Cryptocurrency wallet management applications.

KMSPico is a popular “piracy” Windows and Office activation software, which basically allows license fraud by emulating Microsoft’s key management service (KMS).

Red Canary notes that not only individual users use KMSPico to activate “piracy” Windows, but also many IT departments of companies use this software.


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