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This special feature of Facebook will come this year in WhatsApp, know how it will work

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is going to come with many new features this year, which will make the experience of using the app even more interesting. Among the features coming this year, the most important is the log out feature. With the help of which we will be able to get rid of the constant messages coming on WhatsApp. This feature was in demand for a long time. At the same time, this feature will soon be rolled out for users.

Will be able to log out like Facebook
Actually, we remain 24×7 logged on WhatsApp, due to which we keep sending messages on WhatsApp. There were only two ways to avoid this, either keep the phone’s data off or delete the app. But now users will be able to log out of WhatsApp like Facebook and can log in whenever they want. With this, your personal life will also be right.

Apple and Android users will be able to use
WhatsApp’s new log out feature will be given in both WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business versions. Both Apple and Android users will be able to use this feature. However, an official announcement regarding this feature has not been made yet. But it is believed that this app can be rolled out soon for users.

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