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This test is considered necessary for every man, know the benefits of genetic testing

Genetic Testing: Through this test, a sample of blood is analyzed and changes in the structure of genes and proteins can be identified.

If some precautions are taken during pregnancy, then the unborn child can be saved from many diseases. There are two types of genes in a newborn baby, one from the mother and one from the father. These two genes together give shape to the child. Due to medical science, a person gets instant information about his body, health. It is only because of medical science that a person gets to know about the problems that may happen in the future. This technique is called genetic testing. Some diseases come genetically in the child. Just as the face and body get shape from the parents, in the same way diseases also come.

Through genetic testing, the status of genetic disorders present in the body can be detected and necessary steps can be taken in time for its treatment. We can prevent some diseases during pregnancy by taking precautions. That is why these days genetic testing is used to detect genetic conditions present in the embryo during prenatal testing, newborn screening, as well as during IVF treatment, in order to reduce the risk of genetic diseases in the coming generation.

What is Genetic Testing: The test done during pregnancy to protect the unborn child from genetic disorders is called genetic testing. Through this test, it is found out that which gene is there in the parents which can give genetic disease to the child. Nothing special has to be done for this test, just blood has to be given for testing.

Why men should: Through this testing, not only do we get information about serious conditions related to the heart in men, but with its help many serious conditions can also be detected. With the help of genetic testing, it is known that how high your risk is of suffering from certain types of abnormalities and disorders in your genes. Apart from this, through genetic testing, changes in your genes (mutations) are detected, which can tell about future diseases in your children.

Benefits of genetic testing: Genetic testing can detect many serious conditions present in men. Genetic testing is also considered very useful for getting information about infertility or fertility problems in men. Men must undergo genetic testing for these reasons. But not everyone needs genetic testing. Get this test done only if there is a history of genetic disorder in your family.


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