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Thousands of people marched to say “stop” to gender-based and sexual violence

Thousands of people demonstrated between Place de la République and Place de la Nation in Paris, this Saturday, November 20, behind a #NousToutes banner proclaiming “Stop sexist and sexual violence”. This demonstration brought together 50,000 people according to the organizers, 18,000 according to the police headquarters, half less than two years ago (100,000 according to the organizers, 35,000 according to the police).

Like the head banner, many placards on a purple background, the color of this mobilization, delivered messages such as “Ras the rape”, Where “65% of femicide victims had contacted the police”.

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“Violence is not inevitable, it can stop”, assured journalists Marylie Breuil, from the #NousToutes collective, for whom “There is a huge gap between the mobilization of society and the commitment of politicians”. She said she expected presidential candidates “Strong commitments in terms of prevention”.

Other gatherings were scheduled across France between Saturday and November 25, international day against violence against women. In Rouen, a hundred people marched on Saturday, according to the regional press, while waiting for a night march on Thursday on the theme. “Let’s take to the streets again at night!” “.

“Did you enjoy?” “: The difficult filing of complaints from victims of sexual violence

220,000 women victims of violence

In France, some 220,000 women are victims of violence and 94,000 are raped each year, notes #NousToutes. Since January 1, 101 women have been killed by their spouses, according to the collective’s count “Feminicides by companion or ex”. For the whole of 2020, the figure had reached 102 feminicides and 146 in 2019, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

“It is not normal that the place where we feel most in danger, it is at home”, estimates Karine Branger, visual artist who organized a square in the procession in which a hundred women walked dressed in a white jumpsuit, to symbolize the number of victims of feminicides since the beginning of the year.

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“It is no longer possible to tolerate this violence on half of humanity”, declared for his part the green presidential candidate Yannick Jadot, present in the Parisian procession and for whom “We need training, resources for emergency accommodation”. “Violence is also dramatically exerted on children, sometimes by the same perpetrators, we must act from school”.

Why #NousToutes is asking for a billion euros to fight violence against women

One billion euros per year

Feminist organizations believe that the state should devote one billion euros per year to this fight, instead of 360 million today. They also call for measures to “Prevention” : “We have to teach the youngest what consent is and that all college or high school students pass a certificate of education in non-violence, on the same model as road safety”, detailed Marylie Breuil.

They are calling for an additional effort to create more accommodation places for women fleeing their violent partners. In such a situation, around 40% of victims are not offered any accommodation solution, and only 12% get a suitable place, with legal and psychological support, according to a report published Thursday by the Women’s Foundation.

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The demonstration is also an opportunity to denounce incest, pedophile violence or violence suffered by children in the marital context, said the organizers. For the first time, a “Christian procession”, worn by “Christian feminist and LGBTQIA organizations”, was to take part in the Parisian procession, “Around the victims of gender-based and sexual violence in our Churches”.

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