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Time slots open the day before for the next day: here’s how to make an appointment to get vaccinated

Vaccination for all kicks off. Since Tuesday, May 11, people aged 18 to 49 and not presenting any co-morbidities, who were not previously integrated into the campaign, can now be vaccinated against Covid-19 … if doses are available. “The Obs” explains how to do it.

“The main thing is not to spoil”: in Seine-Saint-Denis, pragmatic vaccination

Several ways are available to make an appointment. Doctolib has implemented a new criterion in the operation of its reservations. On the application or on the platform’s website, all you have to do is indicate your city and click on the category “People over 18 for appointments available by tomorrow evening.” The time slots that remain free on the current day and the next day will thus be displayed, which can be selected.

“There is no need to log in at a specific time”, explained Stanislas Niox-Chateau, co-founder of Doctolib, during a meeting with several media including “Obs”. Appointments can be made in the morning for the next day, a range wider than exactly 24 hours.

To ensure that the appointments have been made the day before or during the day, the vaccination centers will have at their disposal the exact time of the reservation.

The Keldoc platform explained that it was also going to open the “Possibility of reserving the slots available on a twenty-four hour horizon”, reported “Liberation” on May 7.

“There will be disappointments”

The ViteMaDose site, which allows you to view the appointments available on different platforms such as Doctolib, Keldoc, Maiia, Ordoclic or MaPharma, for its part launched the “Chronodose” tool on Tuesday. “This feature allows those over 18 to find a vaccination appointment for the same day or the next day easily, on all booking platforms”, detailed its founder Guillaume Rozier on Twitter.

Internet users can click on the “Chronodose” icon after entering the name of their municipality to find the appointments concerned. This feature should be available ” during the day “, said Guillaume Rozier, who added that 5,270 of these slots were currently open.

It is also possible to volunteer directly with the vaccination centers, underlines Franceinfo, by leaving their contact details to be notified in the event of a remaining dose.

“In Seine-Saint-Denis, reserving vaccination for over 55s does not make sense”

The CovidListe site also makes it possible to register and be notified in the event of remaining doses in more than 1,000 vaccination centers.

However, Doctolib co-founder Stanislas Niox-Chateau warns: “There are a few thousand appointments for the same day or the next day, probably 20,000 per day in about fifty large centers. There will be disappointments. Above all, this tool makes sure that no appointment is lost. “

This figure could however increase over the campaign and the increase in doses received by the state, he hopes.

This new reservation possibility was launched a day earlier than the schedule announced Thursday by Emmanuel Macron, and could help reach the government’s target of 20 million first-time vaccines by mid-May. The total opening of all adults to vaccination, it is scheduled for June 15.

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