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Tina Dabi’s husband Athar Aamir Khan’s journey to become an IAS was not easy, many ups and downs came in life

Athar Aamir Khan Struggle: Tina Dabi, who topped the UPSC examination, has filed an application for divorce with Athar Aamir Khan with mutual consent in the Jaipur Family Court. Their marriage has always been mired in controversy. Many Hindu organizations had at that time named Athar’s marriage to Tina as Love Jihad. On the other hand, many people were also seen praising him for promoting Inter Religion marriage.

Now Tina Dabi and Athar Aamir Khan are once again in discussions. After two years of marriage, their divorce has become the reason for this discussion. While almost everyone knows about Tina on the one hand, let us tell you that Athar also got second place in the Civil Services Examinations in the year 2015 along with him. After this, these two also joined IAS training together. After spending so much time together, Tina and Athar started liking each other and they decided to get married in 2018.

First IAS in the family – Let us tell you that Athar is a resident of Devipura-Mattan village of Anantnag in Jammu and Kashmir. As soon as he passed 12th, he met Shah Faisal, who topped UPSC in 2009, took guidance and decided to become an IAS. He is the first member of his family to have cracked the UPSC exam. His father is a professor at Anantnag’s college.

Dada has been the main inspiration source – In an interview, he said that his grandfather had been his main source of inspiration. He has been a farmer and Athar has seen him working very hard for his fields. Also, we have seen how the color of hard work was reflected in the field. Seeing this, he too learned to believe in hard work and UPSC decided to creak.

How to achieve success – Athar has worked hard to become an IAS. He says that he used to read at least 2 news papers every day. Also used to make notes of that update daily. After finishing 12th, he again decided to try his luck in the civil service examinations and achieved the second rank of UPSC in the second year.

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