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Tips for taking great photos on iPhone 12

Friday, 11/13/2020 06:25 AM (GMT + 7)

No need to be a professional photographer, with just a few tips below, iPhone users can own glitter photos with their own phones.

As the latest product line from Apple, iPhone 12/12 Pro has been drastically upgraded in terms of performance, especially the camera. If you own this iPhone 12/12 Pro duo, please refer to the following tips to maximize the power of the camera on iPhone 12.

Turn on the feature to preserve Camera settings

By default after closing the application, all settings you have set will return to default. This will slow you down each time you take out the iPhone to take a photo. Starting with iOS 14, if you don’t want the manual settings to disappear you can enable Camera settings to be preserved.

Settings> Camera> Save settings. Here, turn on Creative Controls and Adjust Exposure.

Turn on the capture grid

The grid is 2 horizontal lines and 2 parallel vertical lines displayed on the screen when taking pictures. The grid gives you more control over the alignment of your composition as well as produces pictures that are more artistic and aesthetically pleasing. To turn on the grid, do the following: Settings> Camera> Layout> Grid.

Tips for taking great photos on iPhone 12 - 2

Lock the focus with your finger

The camera on the iPhone is capable of autofocus very well. However, in case you want to take macro photography or focus on a subject as you like, simply press and hold your finger on that subject.

Tips for taking great photos on iPhone 12 - 3

Take advantage of long exposure effects thanks to Live Photo

If you prefer to capture moving subjects, such as traffic lights at night. We can capture sparkling moments thanks to the live mode on the Camera app.

To use this feature, in the Camera app, turn on live photo by tapping the circle icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

After taking a photo, go to Gallery and open the image captured using the live feature. In the image, perform a swipe up, there will be 4 photo effects appear, drag to the right and tap Long exposure to view. suitable for shooting cars running at night.

Customize aperture and lighting in Portrait mode

To get the most out of the highly regarded portrait capabilities of the iPhone 12, you can manually customize aperture and light levels before you shoot.

Go to the Camera app and switch to portrait mode.

Tips for taking great photos on iPhone 12 - 5

To customize the aperture, tap the “f” icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and swipe right or left to change the amount of background blur for photos.

Select the desired light pattern by touching the hexagon icon above and sliding left or right to adjust the light style.

Adjust brightness manually

In some conditions too bright or low light, this will be the tool “salvation” for your image. We can manually adjust the exposure right on the Camera app.

Tips for taking great photos on iPhone 12 - 6

Open Camera, tap the up arrow icon on the top of the phone. Here a series of tools will appear, we touch the icon marked (+/-). Swipe left or right to increase or decrease the amount of light for the scene.

When using the tool, notice that there is a ruler in the upper left corner of the screen. If the red line is on the left side, the scene is underexposed and vice versa, the red line on the right means the scene is overexposed.

Take pictures in quick succession

With fast movements (such as sports, jogging …), you need to take many consecutive photos to be able to choose the best photo for yourself. Apple built-in for the iPhone continuous shooting feature that allows the machine to take 10 continuous pictures in 1 second.

To do this, you press and hold on the capture icon in Camera and iPhone will take continuous shots until you release your hand.


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