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Tips: Have sent the wrong message on WhatsApp, so now even after years, ‘Delete For Everyone’

WhatsApp There are many features of which we do not know. If we accidentally send a wrong photo or message on the app, which we should not send, then we get an option to delete that message for everything, but it is only for a short time. After that you can delete that message only from your chat window. But today we are telling you such a trick after which you will be able to ‘Delete For Everyone’ your old message too. Let’s know how this trick works.

For example, if you want to delete a message sent to you on September 24, 2019 at 10pm, then for this, go to the message and press Long. Here you will see these two options Cancel and Delete for Me, that is, you will be able to delete this message only from your chat window. But if you want to delete this message for everyone, then follow the settings given below.

How to delete old message
1- First of all, turn off internet in your phone.
2- Now go to Settings and click on App.
3- After going to App, click on WhatsApp.
4- Now below here you will see the option of Force Stop, click on it.
5- Now go to WhatsApp and note the date and time of the message to be deleted.
6- Now again go to Settings and click on Date and time option. Turn off the Use Network Provided Time Zone, Time Zone or Automatic Date and time options shown here.
7- Now here you set the date of that message again. Enter the date on which the message was sent. Like, if you want to delete the message of 24 September 2019, then enter that date.
8- Similarly, set the time 10-15 minutes ahead of the time at which the message was sent.
9- Now open your WhatsApp, you will see that message in the place of 24 September now in Today.
10- Now long press to delete it. You will also see the option of ‘DELETE FOR EVERYONE’ along with ‘DELETE FOR ME’.
11- Now you can delete this message or photo for everyone.
12- Now after deleting the message, turn on Internet again and go to Date and time and set the current day and time.

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