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Tips or fast charging iPhone takes less time

Monday, December 28, 2020 19:15 PM (GMT + 7)

With just simple operations, you can optimize your iPhone for faster, efficient and safe charging.

Do not charge while using the phone

Many people have the habit of surfing the web, watching movies, accessing Facebook or playing games, … while charging their phone. This is very harmful to the battery life as the charging speed for the device will be significantly reduced. So, if you want to charge quickly, absolutely do not use the phone when it is plugged in.

Tips to charge iPhone battery faster.

Should turn on airplane mode

Do you know?. When you activate flight mode, your phone automatically disables all wireless and cellular connections inside the device, significantly reducing power consumption. That means it doesn’t have to focus on keeping the iPhone running at its highest power consumption, the charging process will be more efficient than usual.

Tips for fast charging iPhone battery take the least time - 3

Should remove the case when charging the phone battery

Charging the battery while in the case can cause the device to get hotter because it cannot dissipate heat quickly. Therefore, it is better to remove the case while charging.

Tips for fast charging iPhone battery take least time - 4

Remove the phone case when charging.


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