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Tips to recall wrongly sent messages on Zalo

Saturday, March 27, 2021 16:05 PM (GMT + 7)

Manipulating message retrieval is very useful in case you send it wrongly or do not want to send a certain message when using Zalo.

When using the Zalo application to chat with friends and relatives, many people will have the situation of sending the wrong message to someone or sending the wrong message to the chat group.

In this case you can correct it by performing the message retrieval operation. However, whether the recipient has read the message or not depends on the following cases:

– Revoke before the recipient reads the message: When the message is sent in the state “Sent” or “Received”, the recipient may not have read the message.

– Withdraw after the recipient reads the message: If the message has been sent and the members of the chat group have viewed it, you can still recall it within 60 minutes from the time of sending if it is an important message Personal.

Here are the simple steps to recover Zalo messages you can refer to:

-In the Zalo conversation interface, we long press on the message to be recalled. When displaying the options below the screen, click on Recover.

Tips to recall wrongly sent messages on Zalo - 2

Immediately we will see message notification has been recovered as shown. If the message has been retrieved, the other party will no longer be able to read the message content. Only the sender can read the recalled message again and edit the content by clicking the pen icon in the message that the message has been recalled. Then the message editor will display so we can edit the content and send it if desired.

-If you want to delete a message, also press and hold the message and select Delete in the interface options below the screen. Then the message will be completely deleted in the chat interface without any notice.

Tips to recover wrongly sent messages on Zalo - 3

-If you do not want to keep this conversation, you can select the 3-dot icon in the right corner of the screen, select Delete message to finish.


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