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To declare himself a candidate, Zemmour chooses an anti-French music by Beethoven

Each his own. In 2020, to proclaim his coming coup, the neo-Nazi Rémy Daillet, now imprisoned in Strasbourg, had chosen “Stabat Mater” by François Poulenc, French composer of the XXe century, to which we also owe the music of Babar’s adventures. To announce his candidacy for the presidential election, Eric Zemmour is eyeing Germany and the Danube, with Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 7”. A strange and, frankly, foreign choice.

Eric Zemmour: an outrageous declaration of candidacy to forget the recent hiccups

We know the ” extensive program Zemmour, positive in the providential petainite: he wants to protect the French as Pétain, Laval and Darquier de Pellepoix “protected” the Jews. Would the choice of the 7th Symphony be part of this intrepid roadmap? Because if this symphony is a universal masterpiece, it is also, from a historical point of view, an anti-French work, par excellence. Beethoven wrote it in 1812, three years after the Battle of Wagram, at the time of the Treaty of Schönbrunn by which Napoleon forced Austria to submit (payment of compensation to France, reduction in the size of its army, etc.).
The “Symphony No. 7″ was performed for the first time in public on December 8, 1813 in Vienna, during a concert organized for the benefit of the Austrian soldiers wounded in the battle of Hanau by the Napoleonic troops. Written in hatred of the French, the 7th Symphony, to speak the language of Zemmour, is therefore a ” middle finger To France and the French, those barbarian invaders whose bombardments and drums cursed Beethoven, disastrous, among other things, to his deafness and his work as a composer.

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What Eric Zemmour is the name of

Wouldn’t there be some contradiction in calling on the French to reappropriate their sweetest ancestors, like La Fontaine… to an air from beyond the Rhine, seasoned with sauerkraut? Why bow down (musically) to Germany, forgetting Couperin, Rameau or Debussy? As it is probably not, on Zemmour’s part, an exercise in creolization or an allegiance to Europe, what is it? A rab from STO? Nonsense? A felony? The slip of a “patriot”, whose first enemy is France, of a compulsive man who can never help paying nostalgic homage to the Collaboration? Anyway, even Donald Trump had the righteousness and decency, for his campaign music, to choose “YMCA” from Village People, from made in USA, my little sir, and not the seventh symphony of a Bolshevik like Prokofiev. So why hit the apple strudel? O dispossession! O attack on our sovereignty! oh sausage! By what right ? Ultimately, a rigodon would have done the trick …
And then, to tell the truth, we listened to it so much, this “7e »By Beethoven, that it reminds us of those music on call waiting for us in maternity hospitals, doesn’t it? Oh sorry…

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Finally, let us remember that “Symphony n ° 7” is also used in the soundtrack of “the March of the Emperor”, a film about penguins. Zemmour or the ignoble little penguin who dreamed of being emperor?

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