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Top 10 stolen cars

AmericaThe best-selling models are also the most stolen, such as large pickups from Ford and Chevrolet.

According to the US National Crime Insurance Bureau (NICB) annual report on stolen vehicles. For the second year in a row, the best-selling models in the US are also the most stolen vehicles. Ford F-150 and Super Durty F-series topped the list of most stolen cars with 44,014 cases. Ford car thefts in 2020 are up 13% compared to 2019. The report also shows that thieves prefer models from the 2006 model year.

The 2004 model F-150 pickup was the most stolen in the US in 2020. Photo: Ford

Like the sales chart, second on the list is Chevrolet’s full-size pickup with 40,698 stolen in 2020, up 25.7% compared to 2019. Large pickups are mostly old-fashioned. since 2004.

Honda Civic ranked third with 34,144 units stolen, up 2.8% over the same period. The C-segment sedan has been stolen a lot since the 2000 model year. The brother Accord is behind with 30,814 stolen units, up 0.2%, mainly from 1997. CR-V is in 9th place with 12,309 units, of the 2000s, an increase of 21.9%.

Toyota’s two models, Camry (16,915 units in the 2019 model year) and Corolla (12,515 units mainly in the 2020 model year) ranked in the 5th and 8th positions. The rates increased by 8% and 3.1%, respectively.

14,668 mostly new 2020 Nissan Altimas were stolen, up 9.8%, ranked 6th. Two other large pickup models from GMC and Dodge ranked 7th and 10th respectively. NICB did not Specify the light or heavy duty pickup model. Old 2005 GMC home-size pickups with 13,016 stolen, up 16.6%, and 11,991 pickups from 2001 Dodge, up 6.2%.

Below is a ranking of the most stolen car models in the US in 2020.

Stt Car model Quantity (pcs) Change from 2019 (%)
first Ford F-series 2006 44.014 13

Chevrolet 2004
(large pickup)

40,968 25.7
3 Honda Civic 2000 34.144 2.8
4 Honda Accord 1997 30,814 0.2
5 Toyota Camry 2019 16,915 8
6 Nissan Altima 2020 14.668 9.8
7 GMC 2005
(large pickup)
13,016 16.6
8 Toyota Corolla 2020 12.515 3.1
9 Honda CR-V 2000 12,309 21.9
ten Dodge 2001
(large pickup)
11,991 6.2

The NICB does not provide information on how the cars were stolen. However, this warns car owners to be more aware, especially when removing the key, parking in a well-lit area, or adding anti-theft devices such as alarms, steering wheel locks or navigation.

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