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Top 14: Racing 92-Montpellier live

COMING SOON: Start of live:


ENDED: End of live:

Fickou loses the ball in his camp. Montpellier recovers the ball in the Racing camp. The skies and whites are missing this first period for the moment. (13 ‘)

It goes for Garbisi

The Italian opener passes the penalty and allows Montpellier to lead already 10-0 in this part. (11 ‘)

Racing is penalized in the scrum due to a short connection. “This is the last time” warned the referee of the meeting. Penalty to follow for Montpellier. (10 ‘)

Paul Willemse commits a forward. Melee Introduction Racing to follow. (8 ‘)

Beautiful people in the stands of the Arena


The test of the Hérault people is transformed! 7-0 for Montpellier (5 ‘)


And it is signed Cobus Reinach! After a long possession the Montpellier open the scoring thanks to Reinach who recovers a ball close to the line. He pretends to pass the ball and plays with the opposing defense to go flatten!

Forward committed by Juan Imoff, the Montpellier people recover a dangerous ball in the camp of Racing. (3 ‘)

The compo of Montpellier

The composition of Racing:

Let’s go to the Paris-La Défense Arena!

It is the racingmen who kick off this meeting!

The ranking point

Before this meeting, Racing is in 4th place in the standings and remains on a 17-14 victory against Perpignan. For its part, Montpellier is stuck in the soft underbelly of the standings in 11th place and remains on two defeats in three games, the last of which against Bordeaux (27-23)

Hello everyone !

Welcome to our live to follow this match between Racing 92 and Montpellier on behalf of the 8th day of top 14


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