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Top 6 female characters with the sexiest round in the game world

Saturday 10/10/2020 06:40 AM (GMT + 7)

If you play a game to see your female character, here are the 6 most glamorous female characters.


Nova is a member of the Ghost squad, belonging to the human side of Starcraft. If you do not know, this squad also has Sarah Kerrigan, who later became Queen Blade of the Zerg faction.

Nova owns a tight outfit, highlighting her rather stretchy 3. She wears this outfit at all times because it is suitable as an assassin, and gives her invisibility.


Top 6 sexiest female characters in the game world - 2

If you’ve ever played Mass Effect, you’ll probably come across a few shots where the camera focuses on Miranda Lawson’s third round close-up. This is not accidental, but the producers deliberately did it to show off this character’s 3rd round. Maybe because they spent a lot of time designing such attractive characters?

Ivy Valentine

Top 6 sexiest female characters in the game world - 3

Ivy Valentine is a character in the fighting game Soul Calibur. This game is where the characters use weapons to fight. For some reason, Ivy Valentine can dress like a swimsuit to fight. However, we must admit that we admire her attractive round 3.


Top 6 sexiest female characters in the game world - 5

In the game Dead or Alive, players rarely see the third round of Hitomi because she often dresses quite discreetly. However, when it comes to versions for players to watch female characters in swimsuits like Dead or Alive Sexy Beach Voleyball, Dead or Alive Venus Vacation, we can see the third round of Hitomi. This is indeed a very sexy third round.

Samus Aran

Top 6 sexiest female characters in the game world - 6

Zero Suit Samus is one of the most famous characters of the Japanese gaming industry giant: Nintendo. Admittedly Samus’s 3rd round is one of the most admirable things to see in the Metroid game, and one of the sexiest rounds in the game. Perhaps the default character wearing tight-fitting clothing will have an attractive round 3?


Top 6 sexiest female characters in the game world - 7

2B is a super attractive character in the game Nier: Automata, and players can rely on the way she walks to guess that 2B’s 3rd round is very attractive. But to see it in its entirety, it takes a little trick: to have the character self-destruct, and after 2B recovers, she loses her dress. At this time, players can comfortably watch 2B delight. The attraction here is that every time 2B steps into the water, her 3rd circle will have a very realistic wet water effect.

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