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Tops / Flops Marseille-Dijon: Lirola only cleared up, Thauvin never surprising

The good match of Lirola, the courage of the Dijonnais and the overly agreed performance of Thauvin… Find the Tops and Flops of this meeting between Marseille and Dijon (2-0).


Lirola, the only real phocaean thinning

One of the few to really rise to the occasion. The right piston seems to be completely in phase with what Jorge Sampaoli asks of it. Reliable defensively, useful offensively, he was unfortunately too little served in his lane by Thauvin who had too much of a tendency to transplant in the axis. When he overflowed, the Spaniard did a lot of harm to the Dijonnais.

The courage of the people of Dijon

Clearly, the Burgundians had not come with the idea of ​​spinning a suitcase to the Phocaeans. David Linarès’ men were rather serious defensively. A philosophy of play not necessarily pleasant for all lovers of the beautiful game but Dijon remained on a black series of eleven consecutive defeats. Last in the championship, we couldn’t expect anything more from them. Even if they cracked in the additional time of the first half and ten minutes from the end, they were not unworthy and greatly slowed down the few local offensive tendencies. Despite this, it is now twelve games without a point for the DFCO.


Thauvin, too stereotypical

In the 36th minute, the world champion had made only one forward pass, out of the 26 he had attempted at the time. Throughout the match, Thauvin never brought the danger that we should expect from him. Positioned in a slightly axial position since the arrival of Sampaoli, the Frenchman touches a lot of balls but does not do wonders. He even deprives his teammates of real scoring opportunities as with Payet in the 9th minute. The former Bastiais has too often transplanted in the axis with his left foot except that he was not as inspired as could be Arjen Robben. His races have constantly been stereotyped.

Milik, the transparent Pole

The Pole was absolutely absent from this match. Very few balls touched in the first period, almost as many in the second, Milik was nowhere to be found. If he is perhaps not the only one responsible for his half-hearted performance, his creators never really got along with him. While he displayed a good understanding with Thauvin, this match against Dijon rather tended to reverse this trend. Yet the former Neapolitan has multiplied the appeals, in vain.

Luis Henrique, inactive piston

Aligned in the left lane, in piston, the Brazilian suffered from the comparison with Lirola. The Brazilian was much less animated his side than the Spaniard and did not really influence the meeting. While he had a series of good performances since the arrival of Sampaoli, Luis Henrique seems to be marking time. Replaced by Cuisance (68th), who could not show much in a team much more in management than in creation.


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