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Tops / Flops of Game 6 of the NBA Finals: Antetokounmpo bursts the screen, Booker misses the mark

DECRYPTION – Herculean performance of the “Greek Freak”, Devin Booker muzzled … The tops and flops after the victory (105-98) and the coronation of Milwaukee.


Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Greek demigod
Oddly enough, some wondered if Khris Middleton could not be elected MVP of the NBA Finals if Milwaukee was crowned, before Game 6. Giannis Antetokounmpo put the church back in the middle of the village, with a Herculean performance. If the Bucks were not always flamboyant in this meeting (105-98), the “Greek freak»Lived up to his nickname, offering a match in his image, all in power, all in aggressiveness, all in domination. 50 points, 14 rebounds and 5 blocks. Enough to forget his 6 losses of ball. In addition, after the ugly 4/11 of Game 5, Antetokounmpo returned 17 of his 19 throws! Strong, very strong. It is therefore no surprise that Adam Silver made the 26-year-old Greek MVP of the 2021 Finals. So far, only two players had won the titles of MVP of the regular season and the Finals, as well as that of Best defender. , Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon. They are now three. Antetokounmpo hat.

Chris Paul held his rank
Less dashing since Jrue Holiday got on his back, after Game 1 and his 32-point card and 9 assists, Chris Paul has largely contributed to prolong the suspense in this meeting. Author of 26 points at 11/19 on shots, with 5 assists in bonus, and despite his 3 losses of ball, “CP3” assumed his role of leader, while Devin Booker passed through. Important points, calm. Unfortunately for him and the Suns, who were all aiming for their first coronation, it was not enough against the Bucks …

Bobby Portis in X factor
We could have told you about the important points of Khris Middleton in the “money-time”, of the quasi-triple-double of Jrue Holiday after a lackluster first period. We prefer to highlight the impact of Bobby Portis leaving the bench. 16 points for the energetic interior of Milwaukee, at 6/10 and with a pair of award-winning wins (2/5). “I wasn’t really good and talented when I was a kid. But I always had a motor and I played as hard as I could“, He said before Game 5. And to add:”Sometimes in life you have to wait your turn and keep working hard. And sometimes it takes longer to get to where you want to go. I play my minutes with strength, I do all the little things, the offensive rebounds, I gain extra possessions, I speak in defense, I try to be as active as possible in my role, knowing that the minutes that I play , I have to play them with force.»Precious antihero.


Devin Booker walks through
After two matches at 40 points and more (42 and 40), Devin Booker became human again on Tuesday night in Milwaukee. Phoenix’s usual top scorer scored just 19 points at 8/22, with 6 losses. We have often seen him lose his nerves, and get lost at all, unable to really influence the debates, neither to help his team to get out of the water early in the game, nor when the Suns had control of the operations and not at the end, when there was still some semblance of hope. At 24, the disciple of Kobe Bryant has however set a date for the years to come, he who ends the series with 28.2 points per game. A dreadful +/- at -15, the second lowest of his team after that of the so-called Mikal Bridges (-18), the latter having yet started strong with a big, big defense on Jrue Holiday in the first period.

DeAndre Ayton got stepped on
Often in sight in this series, DeAndre Ayton took the tide against the so-called Giannis Antetokounmpo, unable to protect his painting and his circle against the onslaught of the Greek. It happens to good people… Offensively, he was not really successful, with 12 small points and a nasty 4/12. His fifth fault early in the fourth quarter did not help him, even if Frank Kaminsky (6 pts) came out of several very good minutes at the end of the third quarter. 6 rebounds, 2 interceptions and 2 blocks anyway.

Pat Connaughton, zero points
There are evenings like that… Often precious off the bench, as was still the case in Game 5, Pat Connaughton has long gone through Game 6 like a ghost. 0 scored on arrival. 0 points, 0/4 on shots and 0/2 on throws, with 2 losses of ball, 2 fouls and an infamous +/- at -21! The person however knew how to make himself useful with his 8 rebounds, and does good in the tasks of the shade at the end. Not enough to forget everything else, but he had to quickly console himself by coaxing the Larry O’Brien trophy… PJ Tucker, holder, also finished with 0 points, as in Game 4 for that matter. But he is not there to score …


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