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Tops / Flops Spain-Poland: Lewandowski maintains hope, Laporte overwhelmed

The saving equalizer of Lewandowski, Jordi Alba man of the match, the new failures of Morata … Find the Tops and Flops of this match between Spain and Poland (1-1).


Robert Lewandowski as savior

A little lonely, he nevertheless managed to carry out several Polish attacks, sometimes turning into a smuggler or even a centralizer to offer solutions. He will finally come to put on the costume he prefers: that of a surface fox. On a cross from Jozwiak, the Bayern Munich striker comes to put a sublime and powerful header that leaves no chance for Unai Simon. Not a lot of balloons hit, but enough to orient the game on the phases of quick attacks.

Jordi Alba, sole Spanish detonator

Another player a little lonely, and also on the front of the attack despite his positioning as a right back. Jordi Alba will have tried everything to allow his team to win the match, with many crosses and forays into the opponent’s area to create danger. The problem being that its centers are only rarely taken again correctly and its debauchery of energy will not know how to be rewarded. If it is not a man of the match trophy, which he will have to settle for in the absence of a victory.

Paulo Sousa and his adjusted tactics

Poland will not have offered us a flamboyant game plan, but the tactical change made by Paulo Sousa to compensate for the absence of Krychowiak, will have posed a problem for a Roja whose game is too stereotypical. The 5-3-2 in the defensive phase really annoyed the Spaniards, not managing to get any chances in the last meters. The model in 3-4-2-1 in the offensive phase notably allowed Jozwiak to be dangerous, thus offering the only Polish goal of the match. A special anti-Roja game plan, which allows the Poles to stay in the race for qualification in the eighth.


Jakub Moder, lots of physics, little play

The Polish midfielder, who came more to do battle than to bring out the ball cleanly, came up against the physical power of Rodri and Koke. His statistics are not very advantageous: only 47% of successful passes, in 35 touches of the ball. Fortunately, his double pivot companion Klich will have managed to hide some of his mistakes.

Aymeric Laporte, a complicated evening against Lewandowski

Already crumbly in Spain’s first match against Sweden (0-0), the Frenchman this time had the heavy task of defending Robert Lewandowski. Well accompanied by Pau Torres who saves him more than once, he will end up cracking on the goal of the Polish striker. Lewy rises higher than all and especially crushes the defender citizen. Not very comfortable in his raises, with few duels won, he still has to find his place in this Spanish hinge, unless it is already too late.

Alvaro Morata, between shadow and light

Being the only goalscorer for Spain and ending up in the flops is the paradox created by Alvaro Morata. Because if he scored well with a contentious goal, he owes it above all to his teammate Gerard Moreno, whose shot was undoubtedly in the back of the net even without his deflection. The rest of his match was punctuated only by huge failures against Szczesny. Like for example this penalty from Moreno which crashes on the post, which the Juve striker had followed well but which misses the frame in front of an empty goal. Defended after his disastrous match against Sweden, he had kept Enrique’s confidence. At the end of the match, subject to further criticism, he replied to Spanish television: “In this country, giving your opinion is easy and free, I don’t care what people say. ”


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