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Tops / flops UBB-Clermont: Lucu rules, ASM backwards

An impressive Lucu, a decisive entry for Tameifuna, but also an untraceable Moala… Discover the tops and flops of the meeting between Bordeaux and Clermont (25-16), a match counting for the play-offs of the final stages of the Top 14.


Qualification for the newcomer
For its first in the final stages, the Union Bordeaux-Bègles did not miss it. Launched from the start, the Girondins set the tone with Cordero (1st), close to flattening on the first ball of the match. More timid thereafter, they really entered their jump-off after the first cool break (22nd). Fair, precise and efficient, Christophe Urios’ men then proceeded, showing an overwhelming desire. They go to the semi-finals and will face Toulouse next weekend (Saturday June 19, 8:45 p.m.).

An electric atmosphere
How good to hear a stadium roar. In Chaban-Delmas, sacred land of French football that has become the host of Girondin rugby, this match will have seen the public again, gathered in the stands and pushing behind his team. An atmosphere worthy of the pre-pandemic, a stadium also meeting place for the final stages.

Lucu wears his
Against Morgan Parra, Maxime Lucu delivered a hell of a performance. The scrum-half from Biarritz, transcended by the rise to Top 14 of his former club, set the pace for the meeting on the Bordeaux side. Excellent in animation, precise at the foot and in his directives, he is the author of a reference match. One more. He also saves Iturria’s ready-made test at the half-hour mark (31st). We will also note the good match of his hinge partner Mathieu Jalibert (7/8 at the foot).

Tameifuna, paid coaching
Three winning contests, including two less than ten meters from the Bordeaux goal. Big Ben has struck again. As part of a novice team in the exercise of the finals, the experienced Tongan recalled the good memories of the finals, which he had won with Racing 92 in 2016. A decisive entry, which led the l ‘UBB towards success.


Clermont misses the mark
The experience will not have made the difference. For ASM, who qualified on the final day for the finals, the complicated season comes to an end. Like the Jaunards’ season, he missed several elements in the Clermont performance. Speed, percussion, but also realism. Globally dominated, Clermont saw his road come to an abrupt halt. Sad last for Franck Azéma.

Transparent moala
In Naqalevu’s absence, Clermont trusted a Moala-Nanai-Williams pair in the middle. If the second was rather prominent, the first will have lived a complicated evening, never really managing to shine. Weaned from balls, he, like almost all of his partners, was unable to cross the opposing defensive curtain. During the second act, only Raka will have found spaces for the ASM. Conversely, his opposite Lamerat delivered a solid performance, like his team.


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