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Toulon – Brive en direct – Season 2021/2022 – Top 14 – Rugby

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It’s over in Toulon!

End of the match at Stade Mayol with this painful victory for Toulon against Brive (13-9). After having largely dominated the first period, the RCT was scared in the second half and multiplied the errors and inaccuracies. The Brivists, who get the defensive bonus, could even have won with more discipline but the Toulon pack made the difference.

In the last scrum of the match, Brive tries to put pressure on the Toulonnais but takes too many risks and commits another fault. It smells good for Toulon. (80 ‘)

Ball once again returned to Toulon by the referee of the match. Brive has the opportunity to force the decision but still commits too many mistakes. (79 ‘)

Good defense of Toulon on a maul after a Brivist touch. The RCT will benefit from a scrum. (78 ‘)

On a ball recovered by Toulon, Du Preez tries to find the touch but the ball ends up in the dead zone. Brive introduction scrum to follow in the middle of the field. Toulon plays to be scared at the end of the match. (76 ‘)

Double change for Brive

Japaridze replaces Ceccarelli and Abadie leaves in favor of Sanga.

It doesn’t work for Belleau

Anthony Belleau misses the opportunity to recreate the gap with Brive by missing his penalty. Always 13-9.

Penalty to follow for Toulon after a Brivist foul at the end of the scrum. (72 ‘)

Double change for Toulon

Carbonel enters in place of Dachary and Sosene-Feagai replaces Etrillard.

Still imprecision on the part of the Toulonnais who try to dismiss the left side but lose control of the ball. Brive introduction scrum to follow (70 ‘)

The ball is in the hands of the Brivistes until a whistle from the referee for a hand fault on the part of the Corréziens. Melee introduction Toulon to come. (67 ‘)

The Toulonnais are struggling to deploy the game in this second act. The game is choppy and the referee must intervene regularly.

Penalty scored by Brive

Enzo Hervé passes the penalty and Brive comes back little by little! 13-9!

Toulon sanctioned again! The Brivist pack takes the lead on this ruck. Indiscipline is now winning the ranks of the RCT. Penalty to follow for Enzo Hervé and the Brivistes (64 ‘)

It goes for Enzo Hervé

Enzo Hervé passes this penalty and allows his team to grab some points (13-6). (62 ‘)

The referee’s whistle against Toulon following the scrum. Penalty to follow for Brive. (61 ‘)

Brive introduction scrum to follow. (60 ‘)

Double change for Brive

Jurand replaces Laranjeira and Galletier gives way to Galala

Double change for Toulon

Lakafia gives way to Ory and Danglot replaces Blanc

The penalty goes to Brive

Thomas Laranjeira does not tremble and passes this penalty. Brive narrows the gap (13-3) (57 ‘)

Penalty to follow for Brive this time after a loss of support from Toulon.

Penalty achieved by Belleau

Anthony Belleau passes this very distant penalty. Toulon now leads 13-0 and continues to benefit from the Corrézian indiscipline.

Offside position reported against the Brivists who had yet managed to recover the ball. New penalty to be taken for Anthony Belleau. (55 ‘)

Great pressure from the Toulonnais which forced the Brivist defense to release in disaster. (53 ‘)

Triple change for Brive

Karkadze replaces Narisia, Giorgadze gives way to Marais and Brennac replaces Chaurac.

Change to Toulon

Kieran Brooks is replaced with Beka Gigashvili.

Change to Toulon

Florian Fresia gives way to Jean-Baptiste Gros.

Ball recovered by Brive on this touch of Etrillard. (50 ‘)

Very good game at the foot from Theo Dachary who puts Thomas Laranjeira in great difficulty against the horde of Toulon who rush to the attack. The rear of the CAB must concede the touch (49 ‘)

Penalty missed for Toulon

Anthony Belleau misses his penalty. Still 10-0 for the Var.

Paul Abadie commits a fault following a touch and offers a penalty to the Toulonnais that will hit Anthony Belleau. (47 ‘)

Forward signaled against Abadie (Brive) who tried to perforate the opposing defense (45 ‘)

Anthony Belleau finds a good touch at the entrance of the 22 meters Brivistes after a broken arm for the Toulon pack following a scrum (43 ‘)

Change for Brive

Pietro Ceccarelli enters in place of Luka Japaridze.

Change to Toulon

Quinn Roux gives way to Adrien Warion.

It’s back to Mayol!

The RCT kicks off the second half!

Half-time in Toulon!

Jonathan Dufort, the referee of the meeting, sent the 30 players back to the locker room with a 10-0 score in favor of Toulon. The Var have dominated this first act and logically lead against solid but harmless Brivists. The CAB was too undisciplined and made too many faults in the scrum. The RCT will have to be more precise to widen the gap in the second half.

The Toulonnais try to dismiss quickly on the right side but the ball is finally lost while a two against two was playable for the RCT. (38 ‘)

Yellow card for Brive

Guillaume Galletier is sanctioned with a temporary expulsion of 10 minutes after having stopped a trial opportunity illegally. (37 ‘)

Very dangerous situation for Toulon. After an attempt at direct play by Etrillard, the ball is finally discarded then the play is reversed on the left side but Gabin Villière slips when the ball is received and allows the Brivist backguard to annihilate the offensive. The spirits are heating up. (35 ‘)

Big opportunity for Toulon!

Aymeric Luc passes through two Brivist defenders and has a golden opportunity to serve his partner on the left. But the Toulon back prefers to play kicking and finds himself overtaken in the in-goal by Bituniyata. (34 ‘)

Change for Brive

Lebas gives way to Zafra (32 ‘)

On a scrum, the CAB is penalized and will allow Anthony Belleau to find a touch. The Brivists are showing too much indiscipline for the moment and commit too many faults on stopped phases. (30′)

Interesting melee for the Brivists. The CAB tries to rule out but the Toulon defense goes up very quickly on the ball carrier (28 ‘)


This same Anthony Belleau transforms his test against the poles and allows Toulon to lead 10-0!


It is signed Anthony Belleau! After a good relay found thanks to Swan Rebbadj, Anthony Belleau is served by Nakarawa and pierces the Brivist defense before going to flatten! (26 ‘)

Big work in the axis of Nakarawa which allows the Toulon block to progress. (24 ‘)

Lopeti Timani, released for concussion protocol, should not return to the pitch.

Penalty missed for Brive

Very far from the Toulon posts, Thomas Laranjeira sets off but the ball lacks power and does not pass between the poles. Still 3-0 for Toulon. (21 ‘)

After a long possession, the Toulonnais are finally sanctioned with a penalty. (19 ‘)

The Brivist forwards try to pierce the Toulon defense which holds and which will even recover the ball after a good tackle. (17 ‘)

Succession of kicks between the two teams until the completely missed one of Anthony Belleau which allows the Corréziens to recover the oval. Enzo Hervé then found a touch in the 22 meters from the Var. (15 ‘)

The first points for Toulon!

Anthony Belleau passes a penalty obtained following a scrum. RCT takes the lead in this match (3-0) (14 ‘)

Change to Toulon

Scotsman Du Preez replaces Australian Timani for a concussion protocol. (12 ‘)

The RCT shows a lot of desire and determination at the start of the match. The Brivists are taken by the throat and can not bring out the balloons.

Opportunity for RCT!

On a touch, Anthony Etrillard carries the ball before transmitting to Julien Blanc who tries a little game with the foot. The ball crosses the goal line but Bituniyata prevents the Toulonnais from flattening (11 ‘)

Good touch found by Anthony Belleau in the 22 meters Brivistes. (9 ‘)

Ball lost for the Toulonnais, Olding can clear for Brive (7 ‘)

Anthony Belleau tries a small over in the axis but the ball is recovered by the CAB (6 ‘)

Penalty in favor of Toulonnais. It will be a penalty. (5 ‘)

The RCT tries to deploy an attack on the right side but the Briviste defense intercepts and puts the ball in touch. (3 ‘)

Ball lost by Brive on a touch. The Toulonnais are trying to find a touch too but it is missed. (2 ‘)

It’s gone to Toulon!

CA Brive kicks off the game.

The two teams enter the lawn

Toulonnais and Brivistes enter the lawn of the Félix Mayol stadium. The pilou-pilou is taken up by the whole stadium.

The starting XV of the Toulon Racing club

As a reminder, the RCT is still deprived of its flagship recruit, the injured South African Cheslin Kolbe. The winger is expected to make his return sometime in October.

Brive, impregnable at home, more crumbly on the outside

On the CA Brive side, the situation is much less volcanic. The club is in a very honorable 5th place, thanks in particular to its invincibility at home. Three games, three wins. Outside their bases, the Corréziens have more difficulty. The Brivists’ first two trips ended in two defeats in Bordeaux and Montpellier.

President Lemaitre charged his players this week

Sign of the deleterious atmosphere that currently reigns at the RCT, the President of the club, Bernard Lemaître, attacked his players this Thursday during a press conference. “I read that the players would be tired of the situation. But they are not with their salary … And if it was the other way around, if the club was tired of its players?», Assailed the boss of the Toulon club. Atmosphere…

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There is an emergency for the RCT

After a chaotic start to the season, the Toulon Racing club must react tonight against Brive. The Var have won only one of their first six games, for a draw and three losses. The RCT is currently in 12th place in the ranking.

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Goodnight all !

Welcome to this live to follow the match of the 6th day of Top 14 between Toulon and Brive. The match will be played at the Mayol stadium in Toulon.


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