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Tour de France: Guillaume Martin, the literary escape

PORTRAIT – 11th and best Frenchman of the Tour de France 2020, the climber of the Cofidis team cultivates other talents. Like writing with the upcoming release of a second book.

Roll, read, write. Guillaume Martin’s days stretched far from the cheers and heat of the finish line. The final point falls when the eyes close after turning many pages. The Platoon Society, his second book (after Socrates by bike and a play, Plato Vs. Platoche, which was performed at the Festival Off d’Avignon in 2019), will be released in the fall. The essay will offer a comparison between the peloton and the company, “around the link between individual and collective“. Roll, read, write. A need, a source of balance. “On the races, writing is a little more complicated, but during the internship, I was able to write. Also read, of course. I’m not going to get into The Critique of Pure Reason, but it allows me to think of something else. “

Guillaume Martin, the climber (1.73 m, 55 kg) sets off for a fifth Tour de France (23e of the general classification in 2017, 21e in 2018, 12e in 2019, 11e in 2020). The peak of a demanding routine: “Training is

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