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Toyota bZ4X concept – RAV4 electric version

The electric crossover is similar in size to the RAV4 and is a preview version of Toyota’s new electric vehicle lineup, including a pickup.

Toyota says there will be 15 new electric vehicle models following the bZ4X. Thanks to the success of RAV4, Toyota’s best-selling car in the US in 2020, the company made its first electric car similar to the RAV4.

The bZ4X looks similar to the RAV4, but the grille is almost sealed. Image: Toyota

bZ4X concept has the same appearance and size as the RAV4 but lower, while the wheelbase is longer and the style is sharper. But interior design is a completely different style.

The unconventional steering wheel column is massive and protruding outward, while the digital clock is far ahead. A large touch screen in the middle of the dashboard, below is a dial selector, storage compartment and two USB-C ports.

Toyota has not mentioned the capacity of the battery pack as well as the distance the car can travel per full charge. But the bZ4X will compete with electric crossovers like the Ford Mustang Mach-E (490 km per charge), and the Tesla Model Y (524 km).

The bZ4X, as well as upcoming Toyota models, will build on the e-TNGA electric vehicle structure Toyota has jointly developed with Subaru. Set up one front or rear (bZ4), or two-engine and all-wheel drive – just like the bZ4X.

Currently there is not much information about the Toyota bZ4X, which may arrive in the US market in mid-2022. Production version is expected to cost 40,000 USD. Currently in the US, the Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid version costs $ 39,300.

The word “bZ” in the car’s name means “beyond zero” to mean a zero-emission vehicle, or an electric car. Toyota has also trademarked names ranging from bZ1X to bZ5X, and includes versions without an “X” – an element believed to represent four-wheel drive.

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