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Toyota Crown 2021 limited edition price from 47,500 USD

JapanTwo limited editions for the domestic market, sportier and more elegant style.

Crown 2021 is a development upgrade based on the 15th generation model launched in 2018. Toyota’s flagship sedan offers two limited editions, RS Limited II and S Elegance Style III, exclusively for the Japanese market. . Both special versions are equipped with a 2.5-liter hybrid engine with one or two wheels, while the RS Limited II adds a 2.0 turbocharged petrol engine option.

Crown 2021 RS Limited II version. Image: Toyota

Crown RS Limited II is distinguished by smoke-colored cladding for the LED headlights and sequential turn signals, and the fog lights are decorated in the same black tone as the grille and front bumper. The trunk lid is decorated with smoke color plating, 18-inch aluminum rims decorated with matte black.

The interior of the RS Limited II has a sporty design. Cooled, black leather front seats come with silver contrast stitching. The center console is decorated with metal like the air vents. Dark gray door trim creates accents. In addition, the car comes with an exclusive set of floor mats. The buttons on the dashboard are decorated with metal.

Contrary to the sporty style, Crown S Elegance Style III has a more classic look. Appearance uses light tones, chrome grille, different from RS Limited II version. The interior is upholstered in amber synthetic leather, brown leather seats, decorated with herringbone pattern wood trim. Special black carpet.

Crown 2021 S Elegance Style III version.  Photo: Toyota

Crown 2021 S Elegance Style III version. Image: Toyota

In Japan, the Toyota Crown 2021 RS Limited II (2.0 turbocharged petrol engine) costs $ 47,500, the 2.5 hybrid engine costs $ 49,500 and the two-wheel drive version with the 2.5 hybrid engine costs $ 51,500.

Meanwhile, the S Elegance Style III (with 2.5 hybrid engine, single-wheel drive) costs $ 48,000 and the two-wheel drive version with a 2.5 hybrid engine costs $ 50,000.

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