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Toyota dealer discounted Vios 10-20 million

HanoiWith the highest total cash and gift incentives of about VND 40 million, the dealer is trying to regain the number one position for Vios.

Sales staff of Toyota dealers in Hanoi said that the promotion will start from today, right after the news that Accent surpassed Vios in April was announced. This promotion can last until the end of May. This is not an official promotional activity from the company.

Specifically, the versions of Vios have the following incentives, depending on each dealer.

Version Price Endow
E MT (3 airbags) 478 10-12
E MT (7 airbags) 495 10-12
E CVT (3 airbags) 531 15-20
E CVT (7 airbags) 550 15-20
G CVT 581 18-21
GR-WILL 630 12-18

(Unit: million dong)

With versions E MT, E CVT, GR-S, in addition to the cash discount, customers are still offered one year body insurance and an accessory package (floor mats, glass stickers…). If the customer does not take the cash-redeemable accessory package of a lower value, the body insurance will not be redeemable. The E CVT version has the highest total price support, about more than 40 million VND.

After the discount, the cheapest automatic version of Vios, E CVT with 3 airbags, will cost about 510 million VND, equivalent to the cheapest automatic version of Accent and 11 million VND higher than the cheapest version of the company. City.

New Vios model launched in early 2021. Photo: Luong Dung

The upgraded Vios was released in February, with some additional equipment, adding a sport version with a slight increase in price. After the offer, the current price of Vios is almost equivalent to the old version.

Adding incentives will be a way for Vios to return to the race with Accent after losing market share. After the first 4 months of the year, Vios sold 5,820 units, while Accent sold 6,985 units, more than 1,138 units.

If counting the sales of assembled cars, Vios is currently the main car line of Toyota Vietnam, after Innova, Fortuner, Corolla Altis are weak in the market share race. Out of a total of 16 models distributed in the Vietnamese market, Toyota only assembles 4 domestically (Vios, Corolla Altis, Innova, Fortuner). The remaining models are all imported in Thailand or Indonesia, but sales are not so outstanding except for the Corolla Cross.

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