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Toyota develops hydrogen engines that ‘howl’ like a gasoline car

Toyota is working on an engine that uses hydrogen, which does not emit emissions but makes sounds like gasoline supercars.

For people who love cars, especially sports cars, speed racing, engine sound is an indispensable part. These experiences would not be possible with electric vehicles, as they are too quiet, including battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). Toyota wants to overcome this, by creating a race car based on the Corolla, which runs on hydrogen but sounds like a race car.

Toyota announced a video of the race car being tested in April, with the central exhaust shielded by a grille. Toyota says the car is still refining, but testers say it feels like a gasoline car.

Most hydrogen-powered cars make no sound, like the Mirai, for example. Hydrogen vehicles are made of fuel cells, which generate electricity and feed the motor to generate kinetic energy. With the Corolla in testing, it gets a turbocharged three-cylinder engine that uses hydrogen instead of gasoline. The car still has cylinders, pistons and variable valves.

Toyota will continue to refine the Corolla, and it will put it in the third round of Japan’s Super Taikyu race with a 24-hour race on the Fuji Highway. This event is scheduled to take place from May 21-23. Nothing is certain about this engine yet, but Toyota is trying to prove that not all electric replacements will be appropriate.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda said: “We want to show that internal combustion engines can be helpful in achieving carbon neutralization and want to turn them into a platform where mechanics and carmakers can build. for future use “.

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