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Toyota President: ‘Electric cars are overblown’

JapanAkio Toyoda said that the more electric cars produce, the more CO2 is produced.

“When the politicians out there say, let’s get rid of all gasoline and oil cars, do they understand what this is like?”, Akio Toyoda told a press conference at the end of 2020 at home as the president of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, on December 15.

Mr. Akio Toyoda spoke at a press conference on December 15 in Japan. Image: Bloomberg

In a country like Japan, where electricity is generated mainly from burning coal and natural gas, electric cars won’t do much for the environment. “The more electric vehicles generate, the more CO2,” added the CEO of the Toyota Group.

The head of Japan’s largest automaker said that electric cars are being overblown. Electric vehicle advocates have not taken into account the amount of carbon generated by the generation of electricity, and the cost of switching to electric vehicles is not trivial.

According to Mr. Akio, it is estimated that to build an infrastructure for the entire electric car network across Japan, the investment cost is about 135-358 billion USD. In addition, Japan will no longer use electricity in the summer if all vehicles operating on the road are powered by electricity.

“If Japan is too hasty to ban the sale of vehicles using internal combustion engines, the current business model of the domestic auto industry will collapse, resulting in millions of workers losing their jobs,” said Akio Toyoda. to speak.

The head of Toyota came after local media in early December said the Japanese government was about to announce plans to ban sales of cars with internal combustion engines from 2035, while hybrid cars. ) gasoline – electric combination does not affect. The decision if executed, is similar to the steps of the UK and the state of California, USA. However, officials at Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry say there has been no decision yet on the future of gasoline-powered cars.

When the laws from the government are introduced and automakers have to comply with the lack of financial and technological resources, the cost of electric cars is difficult to cheap. “The electric car was like a flower on a mountain top, not everyone could reach it,” said Akio.

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