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Toyota sells the most cars in the world in the first half of 2021

The Japanese automaker maintains the throne with a new record of 5.47 million vehicles sold in the first 6 months of the year, beating veteran rival Volkswagen.

Sales data was released by Toyota at the end of July with nearly 5.5 million vehicles, topping the charts with business results reaching new milestones, largely thanks to the extraordinary recovery from the pandemic and effective measures. the result of a global chip shortage.

In the first half of 2019, the company set a sales record with about 5.31 million vehicles sold worldwide. Toyota also received good news in key markets such as the US and China. A senior employee of the company once said that they have a “limited” ability to impact the chip shortage.

Camry – one of Toyota’s best-selling models with the 40th anniversary edition. Photo: Toyota

The first half of this year, Toyota sold exactly 5,467,218 vehicles, up 31.3% compared to the first half of 2020, and a slight increase of 4.5% compared to the record level of 2019. Meanwhile Volkswagen sold 4,978,200 vehicles, up 27.9%.

Also in the first half of this year, high demand for new models in North America and China helped Toyota’s overseas sales reach a record 4.3 million units, up 36.5% year-on-year. last year.

In North America, Toyota’s sales are mainly driven by light trucks, but there is also a significant contribution from Highlanders and hybrid models like the Venza, and sedans are still selling well like the Camry.

In China, the Japanese company’s business results come from the Corolla, Levin, Camry and Avalon, as well as Lexus luxury models.

In Japan, the maker of products like Harrier and Yaris announced sales of 1.17 million vehicles, up 15%, including the kei car line favored by domestic customers with engines. only 660 cubic centimeters.

Toyota also said that its global output in the first half of the year reached approximately 4.5 million vehicles, up 36.3% over the same period in 2020 – the year many factories had to close due to the epidemic as well as the impact of the pandemic. from the earthquake disaster at home. But compared to 2019, the output in the same period this year decreased by 2.7%.

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