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Toyota Vios 2021 launched, the highest price is 638 million dong

Vios upgrade has new LED headlamps, adds a sporty GR-S version for the first time, the price increases slightly and the engine remains unchanged.

On February 23, Toyota Vietnam launched an upgraded version of Vios 2021, its flagship sedan and the best-selling in the market for many years. The company added more equipment, slightly increased prices in all versions and sold the Vios GR-S sports style for the first time.

Vios 2021 in Hanoi.

Price list for Toyota Vios 2021 versions: (unit: million dong)

Vios version New price* Old price Increase
E MT (3 airbags) 478 470 8
E MT (7 airbags) 495 490 5
E CVT (3 airbags) 531 520 11
E CVT (7 airbags) 550 540 ten
G CVT 581 570 11
GR-S 630 new

* Pearl white version adds 8 million VND

Accompanying upgraded equipment is a new price range for Vios that is set and at the same time the most expensive segment compared to the Honda City, Hyundai Accent, Suzuki Ciaz, Mitsubishi Attrage, and Kia Soluto.

The biggest change on the Toyota Vios 2021 is in the front design. When rival Honda City has installed LED headlights for a long time, Vios has only been equipped with two G and GR-S versions. The new trapezoidal design and reversed LED navigation strip help the Toyota car model to be less boring and younger when for many years still maintain the old form.

Toyota added emergency brake lights (EBS) on all versions, except for the E MT floor number. Besides, there are automatic door locks according to speed on the G version, navigation waiting lights, lights automatically on / off on E CVT. The lowest version of the Vios E MT has a rear sensor to help reverse the vehicle.

Design sports version Toyota Vios GR-S.

Design sports version Toyota Vios GR-S.

Vios GR-S is a new version sold in Vietnam for the first time. This is how Toyota creates more variety of choices for the Vios product range, which already has the most segment. The price of 638 million VND of the Toyota Vios GR-S is 39 million VND more expensive than the Honda City RS.

The GR-S is a sporty version, not just a high-performance version because the engine is still 1.5 liter, 107 horsepower capacity, 140 Nm torque as the rest. The car has an exterior sports body-kit with more ribbed steering wheel, rear-view mirrors, custom-shaped wheels, black paint.

Inside the cockpit Toyota Vios GR-S is a sporty leather seat with red contrast lines. The steering wheel comes with paddle shifters, CVT gearbox with 10 simulated gears, two Eco / Sport driving modes.

Vios, since its first introduction in 2003, has remained the ace of Toyota in the Vietnamese market. Fortuner and Innova have weakened in the past two years because of the changing tastes of buying cars, competitors are increasingly competitive, Vios continues to be the most important stronghold of the Japanese joint venture when it has never been broken. in terms of sales.

Toyota’s sedan is not appreciated for the driving experience but is a name that guarantees durability, brand factor and resale value. Despite conflicting opinions about slow change in design, comfort often behind competitors, Toyota Vios still leads the segment and the whole Vietnamese market. The upgrades on Vios 2021 are not the latest compared to competitors and although the price increases, they are likely to help this model “stronger” instead of the opposite.

Thanh Nhan
Image: Toyota


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