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Toyota Vios reclaims the throne from Hyundai Accent

After three consecutive months of decreasing prices, the sales of Vios prospered again, but it was not until July that the accumulation of Toyota models surpassed Accent.

July is the third consecutive month that Toyota Vios sales outperform Accent. Accumulated from the beginning of 2021, Toyota’s new model has for the first time reclaimed the throne from the opponent with exactly 35 slightly better cars. Vios sold 10,967 units, while Accent sold 10,932 units.

Letting the opponent take the lead for half a year is something that has never existed since Vios sold to the Vietnamese market in 2003. But 2021 is a difficult year for Japanese joint ventures in general. Many segments of Toyota no longer retain their dominant leadership position, Vios’ B-size sedan is one of them.

Vios went through the first phase of 2021 to discharge inventory to welcome the new version, sales continuously decreased compared to the same period in 2020. The upgraded version of Toyota Vios was launched at the end of February 2021, but sales could not break through like that. firm’s expectations. The rival Hyundai Accent was then available in supply and also had a new version from the end of 2020, taking advantage of Vios’ product lifecycle transition to gain market share.

Vios at a Toyota dealership in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Pham Trung

Honda City has the 10th generation by the end of 2020, Mitsubishi Attrage has a new shape and good supply, the cumulative sales of the first 7 months of 2021 of both are much improved compared to the same period last year. In the group of 4 leading models, only Vios sales decreased, at 22%, in contrast Accent increased by 14%, City increased by 19% and especially Attrage increased by 70%.

Market share decreased, purchasing power was weak due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, for three consecutive months of June, July, August and August, Toyota supported a part of registration fee for Vios with a value of 20-30 million dong. The southern provinces experienced a prolonged period of social distancing, the dealer offered more cash and accessories for customers to buy Vios, the car price was reduced by 50-60 million VND depending on the version. This is the highest decrease in about 3 years of the best-selling Toyota model.

With consecutive price incentives, plus the unstable supply of main rival Accent in the last three months, Toyota Vios has returned to the segment’s best-selling car trajectory. However, the sales volume of Vios is only 35 cars higher than Accent, so the advantage is still not entirely on the Japanese model. If Accent supply stabilizes, everything can turn around.

The B-segment sedan segment in the rest of 2021 will receive more Nissan Almera (formerly Sunny). Almera imported from Thailand, sold 3 versions: MT 469 million, CVT 529 million and high-end CVT 579 million.

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