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Trial of the BAC Nord de Marseille: “You did not have to crush a lot of the cannabis bars”

Between their masks which conceal half of their faces, the widely adopted “shaved head” haircut, the dark down jackets and the imposing stature, it is difficult to differentiate them from each other. Most often eager to explain themselves, to demonstrate the unfairness of the majority of the charges against them, the 18 former police officers of the BAC north of Marseille march to the bar.

Since the start of this trial on Monday April 12, the atmosphere has nothing to do with electricity. But every day, two worlds clash. On the one hand, that of these former cops of everyday life doped with adrenaline and the “flag”, to the point of ignoring the procedures. If they admit to having sometimes crossed the yellow line, it is never to enrich themselves, always in the interest of the service.

On the other side, the court world, struggling to remind people of strict respect for the rules. Cannabis, even in small quantities, should never have ended up in police lockers or hidden in the false ceilings of their locker rooms, the president had to remind. Each intervention had to be accompanied by written procedures.

Flight of sparrows

Laurent Fermier, known as “Lolo”, arrives at the helm. Twenty-five grams of cannabis were found in the locker of this former LAC Group 2 deputy. According to sound systems carried out in the vehicles during the investigation, he would have had in his hands a large piece of cannabis recovered after the escape of a dealer. However, he did not

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