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True or Fake: what is the thesis defended by the documentary “Hold-Up”?

What is the thesis of the documentary Hold-Up ? Hold-Up, it is the story of a lying and manipulative state. Masks, confinement, counting of the dead … with the Covid-19, the state would like to scare us to make us puppets of a world at the Matrix ! The world elite would be in charge: the Gafa, World Health Organization (WHO), Big Pharma, but above all, the sworn enemy of conspirators: Bill Gates.

The objective would be to vaccinate humanity to inoculate us with nanoparticles to trace us, but also to replace the banks because Bill Gates would have filed a patent to link nanoparticles and cryptocurrency. So, no more banks, banknotes, anonymous exchanges, privacy, freedom … it’s time for data, and 5G, of course. It is no coincidence that we are in the process of deploying it. The Covid-19 would have laid the foundations for a contactless society, ready to switch to an all-digital in the hands of a world government. Man becomes an interface, a connected object, responding to Google and Elon Musk’s dreams of immortality! The manufacture of the Covid-19 has even been scripted for years …

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