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Trump and Biden on TV: cowboy boots for slippers


Philippe Boulet-Gercourt, correspondent for “Obs” in the United States, recounts in his campaign notebook the small and great moments of the presidential election of November 3, a high-risk election.

We could have put on cowboy boots, we preferred slippers. Not out of taste but, since this campaign has turned into a playground, under the rule of “Who was prem’s? “, So we looked at Joe Biden, obviously, who had announced this debate on ABC with voters, replacing the virtual debate that Donald Trump refused.

Said Trump was subsequently registered on a rival channel (NBC) for a show at the same time, atmosphere “war of audience rates”, but too bad: one, we are not there to decide between shows of reality TV but to elect the president of the most powerful country on the planet; two, he was deuze. Too late my bunny.

Well, Biden has been great. We can already see some who raise their eyebrows: great? The former Obama vice president gave detailed answers to the point of nausea, riddled with ” Firstly Secondly “ and other Danish politician tics spending half an hour explaining how he will balance the budget (fans of the “Borgen” series will appreciate). Yes and so ? Can we bet that the Americans want to know, in detail, what their new president is preparing for them?

“The words of a president matter”

It feels a bit charente to ask yourself

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