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Trump gives “a little surprise” to his supporters gathered in front of the hospital

US President Donald Trump said on Sunday October 5 that he had “Learned a lot about the Covid”, before leaving the Washington military hospital for a few minutes to greet his supporters from his car.

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“I learned a lot about the Covid, I learned it by experiencing it myself, it is the school of life”, he said in a brief video message posted on Twitter. “It’s not what you read in books, and I understand that, and it’s something very interesting”, added the president of the world’s leading power, tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday evening.

“I think I’m going to give a little surprise to the great patriots who are in the street”, he added. “They’ve been there a long time, they have Trump flags and they love our country”.

Shortly thereafter, the president briefly left Walter Reed Military Hospital in suburban Washington, where he has been since Friday evening, to greet, through his car windows and wearing a mask, his supporters gathered near of the building.

His discharge was immediately criticized by some specialists, such as this doctor at Walter Reed hospital where Trump is being treated:

“Everyone who was in the vehicle during this completely unnecessary outing will have to be placed in solitary confinement for 14 days. They could get sick. They could die. For political representation. Under Trump’s orders, they put their lives in danger for the movies. The risk of transmission inside the vehicle is as great as if Donald Trump went outside without health precautions. “

The US president is better and has no more fever, said Dr Sean Conley from Walter Reed military hospital on Sunday. He could return to the White House on Monday.

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