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Try this trick if the remote gets damaged, there may be no need to buy a new one

TV Remote Control Repair Tips: Gone are the times when everything had to be operated manually. Now remote control is available with almost every electric device, which makes it very convenient and you keep operating things while sitting at your place. Whether it is changing the channel of TV or increasing or decreasing the voice. Not only this, now remote is also being used for fan and light.

At the same time, due to excessive use, the battery of the remote has to be changed frequently. But sometimes it happens that even after changing the battery, the remote is not working, then considering it as bad, throw it away or give it to the scrap dealer. But we are going to tell you some such tips, by trying which you can fix the remote again and use it.

clean the battery port

If you have changed new battery. Even after this the remote control is not working, then you should clean the battery port. The battery port is the place where the battery is attached. Due to not paying attention to it, dirt gets accumulated on it. Due to which it is not able to continue the power supply or sometimes the battery is not adjusted properly, due to which the remote control does not work properly. Doing so can get it back to working order and save you money on buying a new remote. However, the battery port should be cleaned from time to time.

Hasn’t rust started?

If the remote control of your electric device is not working even after inserting a new battery, then it is important to see that you do not keep the remote control in a place where moisture is present. If so, then rusting of the spring and plate on its battery port is almost certain. For this, you should check by removing the cover of the battery port, if it has rusted, then clean it by rubbing it using sandpaper or a hard cloth. Then maybe the remote control will start working.

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