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Tucson and Sonata recalled due to fault that could cause engine fire

AmericaThere are 95,515 vehicles that may be recalled due to faulty connecting rod bearings that can lead to engine fires in certain circumstances.

The recall affects 82,268 Tucson and 13,247 Sonata hybrid vehicles, both manufactured in 2017, equipped with the Nu GDI 2.0 engine, assembled at the Ulsan engine plant in South Korea.

According to documents from the US Traffic Safety Administration, manufacturing defects can lead to premature wear of connecting rod bearings. If the bearing is worn, it can lead to an abnormal noise from the engine and the oil pressure warning light.

The connecting rod is the part that connects the crankshaft and the piston. Photo: Pinterest

If the vehicle is operated continuously in this condition, the engine block can be damaged, leading to an oil leak and eventually an engine fire. However, it is more likely that this fault could cause the engine to stop working.

Hyundai USA will notify owners of affected vehicles and if any damage is found, the engine will be replaced with a new one.

Additionally, all affected vehicles will receive an enhanced engine control software update with sensors that detect vibrations. This sensor can continuously monitor the engine to detect vibrations and unusual patterns that may indicate a connecting rod bearing problem.

The company replaces it at no cost and any owner who has repaired their engine will get a refund.

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